The State of the Amazon Forest, Its Fauna, Flora and Indigenous People

Interview with Dr. Jose Fragoso

Amazonian Fauna
Dr. Jose Fragoso, from the California Academy of Sciences

Dr. Jose Fragoso, from the California Academy of Sciences

Dr. Jose Fragoso is a researcher from the Science Academy of California, who has worked for many years at Stanford University leading Fragoso Lab. He has been working on researching animals on the rain forest, the interaction among them and the effect of them in the environment.

Dr. Fragoso talks about how in the tropics, hunting, habitat degradation, and habitat fragmentation by humans are major drivers of changes in animal and plant distribution and abundance patterns. He talks about the way how indigenous people are driven to respect the environment and respect the boundaries between the animal right to land and human right to it.  His work focuses on  the development of effective wildlife management strategies and policies for the tropics.

Today we share how his work takes him to travel often to the Amazon to study unknown to man species, changes on the environment and the consequences on climate change on the region.

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