You can be part of our shows. There are at least three ways:

Let us know what you think

If you contact us, and let us know where you are listening to, what kind of content you like, which show is your favorite,  and tell us about what kid of show you would like us to produce, we will listen. In that way you help shape the show.

teamWorkBe part of our team

If you have a content that you own the copyrights, and think it is in sync with our vision and mission statement, then write us us and let us know. We can help you get the voice out.

Help us raise funds

This is a labor of love. We put a lot of time and even money to maintain the show with high standard, within our mission. You may help us with a contribution.

IAM-Logo-RGB-1500x500Non-Profit Status

All our content is par of a non-profit project, and we are part of a bigger non-profit effort, the Californian 501(c)3 organization “Independent Arts and Media”  with headquarters in San Francisco, California. Therefore your donations to our project are tax deductible, and we will provide you with a receipt upon request. You may donate at any moment in the green button on the right column.

Spread the word

It will also be great if you could tell your friends about our programs, and like us in all our social networking pages, follow us on the podcast platforms, subscribing to this website, or just click at the social media icons all over the site.