San Francisco, a City of Poets, and Its Laureate Writer

Interview with Professor Alejandro Murguía, San Francisco Poet Laureate

Mission District's Mural, Courtesy o Wendy Harman

Today our guest is San Francisco poet laureate Alejandro Murguía. He is a Californian-born artist, son of Mexicans with a life-long experience in writing. In fact, he had recited poetry since he has in preschool and had been always involved in the art of languages in one way to another.
Murguía is an important figure in activism in San Francisco, especially in the historically Hispanic Mission District.
Murcia is also a professor of Latin American Literature at San Francisco State university and holds the title of the first Hispanic in achieving the honor of poet laureate in a city of poets, as he calls his beloved metropolis.
Murguía has published 5 books of original work, and is always active in the city, involved in lectures, poetry readings, and lately even in cinematographic projects.

His books  Southern Front(1990) and This War Called Love (2002) were both winners of the American Book Award.He also published “Stray Poems” (2014), “The Medicine of Memory” (2002), and “Farewell to the Coast” (1980).

Young Alejandro Murguia in his activist role

Young Alejandro Murguía in his activist role, on the streets of San Francisco

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His latest project involves a new film inspired by a one of his original short stories about the mission district.  In this case, the story talks about the mysterious fires that had been misplacing Hispanics outside the city. The film is called, “The other Barrio”.
Listen to the show to learn a about his life, the road he took as a poet, his work and inspirations.
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