Early Cancer Detection, Innovative Product that Will Save Millions Around the Globe

Interview with Mexican Engineer Jorge Soto, from Miroculus

Electronic Engineer Jorge Soto

Electronic Engineer Jorge Soto

We always hear that early detection of cancer is imperative in the road towards treatment and recovery.  In that way, any new method that can detect it fast in an affordable non-invasive way has the potential to save millions of lives.

Today I am bringing you a revolutionary product that is doing just that, together with one of its founders. Mexican electronic engineer Jorge Soto (@SotoMJorge) has developed, together with a small multidisciplinary team, a new product that can detect various types of cancer and other deceases many years before other methods currently used. Jorge met his team at “Singularity University”,  a Silicon Valley incubator that challenges people to spend 10 weeks developing a business idea with the power to impact the world. During that time met with some international scientists, engineers, and innovators, especially with Fay Christodoulou, who had been researching microRNA for years. They formed a team and developed the beginning of what would become this live saving device.
Miroculus' hardware

Miroculus’ hardware

Miroculus detention kit counts with a small hardware that help to observe and douse the desired reaction. It is an open source product. This small piece of equipment together with a smartphone’s camera and few biochemical reagents will diagnose in about 90 minutes the early stages or various cancers, neurological deceases, diabetes, or degenerative neurological conditions like Alzheimer or Parkinson.

Current diagnostic methods for cancers tend to be invasive and expensive. The majority of cancer patients never realize they might have cancer until something goes wrong with their health. By that time, it can be too late. This device gets to diagnose the diseases by taking a simple blood sample that can be prepared with biochemical reagents and then pipetted into a standard 96 well plate to “cook” on the hardware for over and hour. The plate will show a particular reaction with the microRNA markers. The combination of this markers will describe the specific disease. This is a very noninvasive and fast method that will make people get tested faster and be used more often.
This product is designed to be easy to use and carried to developing countries, adverse environments, like jungles or deserts, and outside cities and hospitals in rural areas. It is hoped to be very affordable and user-friendly.
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