Latest Findings on the Cure for Hearing Loss – Interview with Dr. Eduardo Corrales

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Dr. Eduardo Corrales

Hearing loss is a very common disability today. One of the problems is that when the nerves on the internal ear are damaged. After they die, hey won’t grow back or repair themselves. It is a degenerative condition, and one that is very misunderstood in society.

When we see someone in a wheel chair, or a blind person walking with a cane, we go out of our ways to be helpful or not disturb more.  Different to these cases, a person with hearing loss is not noticed from from just looking at him/her. People tend to not understand a patin with hearing loss, and can be even rude if bothered to repeat what they said, talk lauder or speak clearer.

Today we will talk a little about this problem that affects so many people in our society. Also,  about how to treat it and avoid it in the first place. We will also talk about he most advanced technologies and how far research on the topic has approach to a solution, at least until this moment.

For that reason, we invited Dr. Eduardo Corrales from Stanford Clinics, who is part of a bigger team part working on the most advanced research to cure hearing lost at this time.

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  1. I have had a consult with Dr. Corrales & his bedside manner is outstanding and his knowledge is amazing. he is a wonderful man and he called me personally the following day after my appt. I drove 5 hours to see him. & he scheduled Carcinoid ear tumor surgery within two weeks & has consulted additional MD’s at Dana Farber Institute ASAP. and arranged an appt so I would not have to drive more than once. He is very considerate, thorough and I appreciate his excitement in clinical excellence!! Thank you Dr. Corrales!!

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