Project Siembra, Application for the future of the youth and the economy

OscarHernandez-piano2TimdeLaOssa2-small I had the honor to host a worthy cause in the show recently. I am talking about Project Siembra, a new company that is developing an “App” for mobile devices that give the much-needed counseling to students at risk of dropping out of school.

Right now the Hispanic/Latino population is the fastest-growing group in the USA. As president Obama said already, it is the utmost importance to make sure this group is ready for the future.

It is urgent for the economy and the future, to make sure that they are highly educated to be competitive in the world. On the other hand, in California the funds available only allow for one counselor per 800 kids. This is a problem especially with inner city kids that have two working parents, or only one parent who works. Normally they have to wait for months to be able to talk with someone about their future, about what kind of classes they should take to achieve their goals, or even what are really their thoughts for the future and how to get there. In many cases, this kids get discouraged and drop out school, lowering their chances for successes.

TimDeLaOssa2This app will connect kids on real time with the help they need while updating all the NEWS and events that are relevant for the future of their education.

Listen to the show, to learn more about how its founder. the engineer Timothy (Timoteo) De La Osa-Kral and legend of Latin Jazz Oscar Hernandez, director of Spanish Harlem Orchestra, are working towards this goal.

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