The principles of “Common Good” and the “Rule of law” in Indigenous people of the Andinean Region – Interview with Eliane Karp-Toledo

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The Incas of Peru used to be a mighty and wealthy kingdom, with very advanced engineering, irrigation systems, mathematical knowledge, medicine achievements among others. This powerful Inca empire fell under the Europeans arrival and further colonization. Today, 522 years after the Spaniards arrived at the continent, Native people of “Los Andes” are still struggling to find its rightful place.

I had the honor to host Mrs. Eliane Chantal Karp-Toledo at the show.

Eliane was born in France with parents from Belgium and Poland. She first graduated at the Lycée Français in Brussels with a baccalaureate and then earned a Bachelor degree in Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She then earned a Master in Anthropology from  Stanford University with specialization in Latin American Studies. After that, she had also completed several post-graduate studies from the University of Mexico and from the Catholic University of Peru, on indigenous Communities. She had published six books all in a relationship with her research on indigenous tribes of the Andean region. 

While studying at Stanford University, she met the then young Peruvian Alejandro Toledo, whom she married. He later went to be president of Peru (2001-2006) and she First Lady of that nation. While in office Karp became the honorary president of the Fund for the Development of Indigenous Communities of Latin America and the Caribbean

She is currently at Stanford University as a visiting scholar with the Center of Latin American Studies since 2012 and had taught at the department of Anthropology (2006-2009). She is also finishing her research and her seventh book on indigenous tribes of the Andes, specifically on the relationship of the tribal, international and Peruvian rule of law, how they collide, and how they can be made to relate in order to respect the ancient culture of the original inhabitants of the region.



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  1. Eliane Karp, Mujer Valiente e Inteligente muy comprometida con los pueblos Indígenas en el Perú,,,

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