In the search of the Latin American Genome, interview with Dr. Karla Sandoval Mendoza and Dr. Andres Moreno

karla2AndresMorenoEstradaThis is an archived show from my previous production “La Ventana Americana”. In this show, the expert guests are a couple of researchers originally from Mexico who are working at Stanford University in the search of the “Latin American Genome”.  Their fields of study are Genetics and Human Evolution.

 Dr. Karla Sandoval Mendoza is and anthropologist, she is working in her post-doctoral research at Stanford  Bustamante Lab, and Dr. Andres Moreno Estrada is a medical doctor, Biologist, and geneticist. They are working together at the same laboratory in the same research looking to identify the Latin-American Genome.

They are married and spend their time traveling to collect data and analyzing this at the laboratory. In the last years, they have acquired a massive amount of information from inhabitants of the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Andes region. They have analyzed all this data, they have also added a layer of information to this biological samples with the known migrations paths and historical data. In this way, they have been able to describe with more detail the history of human exodus in the continent. Today, they are able to to prove and trace specific roots from particular towns and tribes in Europe, Africa and around the world to some specific areas in the continent.

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