Latino Community Foundation and The Giving Circles

Conversation with CEO of LCF Jacqueline Martinez Garcel

Networking event of Latino Giving Circle members

jacquelinemartinezgarcelToday our guest is the Latino Community Foundation CEO Jacqueline Martinez Garcel. LCF have been growing exponentially in the last years helping the community and inspiring many to be part of their effort. Their programs have helped thousands, and they are planning on helping many more.
One of their programs is the “Latino Giving Circle,” where regular members of the society get together to join forces with others for the common good, spreading wealth and education in worthy causes.

A few years ago I interviewed the Latino Community Foundation when they were just launching their first Latino Giving Circle. Right now they have successfully established 14 and have started many others. Their plan is to raise the number to a thousand giving circles all around the state.


Networking event for Latino Giving Circle Members

The Latino Giving Circle are small groups with 10 to 50 members that network and get together to raise money, to bring their funds and to choose the best cause that fit their interest. They pay an annual fee and meet once every quarter to manage the common fund. The LCF help then to point out the issue they are more invested in as a group. Some examples could be causes  like education, STEM education, women rights or LGTB rights, homelessness, universal internet access, among others. Then the foundation brings s group of respectable solvent organization that work with the chosen cause to pitch and idea for the giving circle. Later the member’s vote wich project they will be helping that period and how much of their funds they will give. Every meeting is also a fun event and allows members to network and create relationships.

Other of the projects of Latino Community Foundation is the “Register to Vote”  project, where they encourage the citizens to fulfill their civic obligation and support democracy by voting. They go to public events, concert, media organization, social media and use every method possible to explain the community how to register and why.

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