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Conversation with Sofia Colon, Stockton's Library Activist


Sofia Colon, Library Activist

Today our show is Called “Save our Library!”, and it is a conversation with Sofia Colon, native of Stockton, California and library activist.

As the city of stockton filed for bankruptcy few years ago, it stopped many of their services. Libraries and public parks got cut our of the budget, as they tried to work towards financial solvency. Now, few years later, a group of concerned and afected citizens are trying to get their library back, and restore some of the services they lost.
Measure “M” is trying to establish and secure funds for libraries inside Stockton. Stockton has ove 300,000 people, and it is very wide with no good public transportation. For kids, elderly and lower income families to get to another library too far from their home has proven to complicated. The centralization of all the libraries in the city to few in Down Town leaves a lot of the population unserved. This is a real problem for many, as the library has always lend services in multiple ways to the population.

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