The Poetry of “Fly Word”

This week we had a conversation with Marisol Bohorquez Godoy. She is the founder of “Vuela, a literary magazine that specializes in poetry in Spanish, English, and Italian. 

Marisol Bohorquez Godoy was born in Santa Maria, Huila, Colombia. She is a Poet, a write, a painter, and an industrial Engineer. 

She is a published author, with collections of her work in 7 languages. Her books have been also published in Italian. Her books are “La soledad de los Espejos (2016)”,-”Efecto mariposa (2017)”, Antiparticulos-Antiparticelle (2019) and in co-authorship with Gianni Darconza, “The form of the void.(2019).”

Marisol was the winner of the “Fiori di luce” contest (2020) in the category of foreign poetry and Finalist awarded with equal merits (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places) of the “Europa In Versi” International Literature Prize (2020), with her work “The form of the void.” is an online literary magazine specialized in poetry and has works from all over the world in 3 languages. to celebrate their first anniversary they have launched an international call for poetry writers. The main objective for this event is for the magazine to donate, for the first time, their work as translators in favor of three poets who will be selected from the competing works. Each of the three editors of the magazine, according to their own criteria, will choose a poet/poem. 

Our show this week was recorded in San Francisco, in the studios of Marcos Salazar, from Multilingual Broadcasting.

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