Mi Camino, Bilingual Animated Opera from Times of Pandemic

This week we have a fun conversation with Maestro Hector Armienta and Soprano Violeta Cecilia Lopez about a new Opera that tell the stories of local farmers during the pandemia.

“Mi Camino” was created by composer Héctor Armienta this year. gives voice to farmworkers in the greater Bay Area. Through song and multimedia, “Mi Camino” portrays real stories shared by these important yet often forgotten members of our community, focusing on the impact of COVID-19. It is performed by nationally acclaimed soprano Cecilia Violetta López, joined by outstanding Bay Area singers Deborah Rosengaus, mezzo-soprano, and Emmanuel Mercado, tenor.

Mi Camino Trailer – Farmworkers in the Pandemic

Héctor Armienta is an acclaimed composer who focuses on creating work that explores the Mexican and Mexican-American cultural experience. As an opera and theater composer, he draws on stories and music that represent his bicultural roots. He interviewed migrant farmworkers, and local farmers in the greater Monterey and San Francisco Bay Area and learned from their experiences during the COVID 19 pandemic. He learned from their experiences and told his stories with Opera.

Soprano Cecilia Violeta Lopez is an opera singer of Mexican descent, originally from Idaho. She has been a long-time friend of the show, as we had followed her career since shortly after her graduation from Las Vegas University and her amazing time performing with “Opera San Jose”, from then to many national and National Opera companies. She grew up on a farm, a daughter of Mexican-American farmers, and can relate in a personal way to the stories in “My Camino.” We have talked before during other shows with Violeta over the years, in both languages.

The show is set to premiere online on June 25 & 27, 2021. We hope you enjoyed our show today, remember to leave you comments, subscribe to our Facebook or Twitter accounts, and to our podcast shows. Come back soon and tell us about what you want to hear next.


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