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Interview for Atenea Americana with Alejandro Quintero

I had the pleasure to talk last week with Alejandro Quintero, founder of a new Start-up in Silicon Valley called

Alejandro Quintero, Founder of

Alejandro Quintero, Founder of“. He was part of a bigger incubator in the bay area that carefully selected six projects of latinos, including two other teams from other countries.

Manos Accelerator is an organization with the mission to foster a new generation of Latino entrepreneurs by providing access to early-stage capital, mentorship support and resources that will enable them to build and grow their startup companies. They provide “hands-on” expertise in many important areas for start-ups through the 12-week mentorship and investor introductions.

They are supported by partners like Google for Entrepreneurs and sponsored by others like Mobile Corporation, The Kapor Center for Social Impact, Nissan, Novak Druce, among others.

This is great news, as early in the summer, after the insistence of some civil rights groups like the Rainbow Push Coalition (Jesse Jackson) and the Kapor Center for Social Impact, (Freada Kapor Klein) were raising awareness about the inequality in the tech industry. This year, Google Inc. was the  pioneer releasing figures that show just how homogenous its 46,000-plus employee base. This numbers showed that it is: 70% men, 30% women, 61% white, 30% Asian, 3% Latino and 2% black.  They also said: “That’s miles away from where we want to be,” and announced that “They would work hard for more diversity.” Other big companies will surely follow soon.

In today’s show, we will talk about a group of Venezuelans that are innovating in the communications and social networking realm. I am talking about, founded by Oswaldo Alvarez and Alejandro Quintero. With me at the studio was Alejandro Quintero, a resident of Palo Alto California. We will talk about their project, their milestones, the way how their product was part of the presidential elections in Colombia, and their intervention on the “Manos Accelerator“.

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